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About Us

Welcome to Natural Vine!

My  family has been making wine in Italy for three generations. Wine for me is directly connected to a sense of identity, the transmission of a culture through my grandfather and my father. In the vineyards I learned the values of respect for nature and for the men who work with her in harmony. For me a good bottle of wine has always been a way to reconnect with home. In London, where I have been living and working for a decade, I just couldn’t find such wines unless I was prepared to pay the high price. After so many years of being disappointed by most of the wines I was drinking I started to question if real enjoyment could be had from wine. I decided to quit drinking soulless wines. Refusing to give up, I spent two years travelling in Italy looking for wines that I could enjoy and bring to my friends knowing we’d share something special. Naturally, that led me to wines produced by winemakers whose respect for nature and for the consumers is at the heart of their approach to life and winemaking. Natural Vine was born.

The wines you’ll find here are the exact opposite of industrial wines made to please the crowd. You won’t find them in supermarkets. There is no marketing plan behind them. The only trait these wines have in common is that they all happen to be made with a similar philosophy in mind: less is more. To put it simply, it means: no synthetic chemical products used in the vineyards, minimal intervention and no additives used in the winery - except for very small doses of sulphites to protect the wine. Only a small minority of wines are made this way nowadays. This generally results in wines full of life and energy, pure and highly digestible. Most of them are also rarities as they are produced in minute quantities. I truly believe that drinking such wines is a privilege.

When it comes to selecting the wines, two principles always guide us at Natural Vine: taste and value for money. Never one without the other. That is not enough though. Eventually, what decides whether or not we want to sell a wine is the answer to a simple question. Does it leave us wanting another glass? For a wine to pass the test, only a sound ‘’yes’’ will do.

If you’re reading these lines chances are that’s because you want wine to be part of your life. Not because it is what you are supposed to do but because you genuinely like wine. Letting the wine industry and supermarkets dictate what we drink is the best way to be disappointed. Ultimately, we take responsibility for the wines we drink and share with people because they reflect on who we are.

Ettore Brambilla, founder of Natural Vine